Mr. Jacob Nathaniel Palasek

144 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI, 49503


Picture of COMPUDOC, Jacob Nathaniel Palasek, in a decagon frame.
Jacob Nathaniel Palasek

I live in Grand Rapids. I have been working with computers for 18 years. I have been designing web sites for 12 years. I started this company 10 years ago and run it out of a house in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I studied mathematics and computer information systems at Grand Rapids Community College for two years. I was a math and computer tutor at Grand Rapids Community College for one year. I am a senior at Grand Valley State University with a major in information systems and minors in mathematics, business and health care Information Systems. I have about 25 credits left to complete of about 165 total credits.

I can adapt your learning style and schedule. I would be delighted to help you succeed in mathematics.

3D plot of three unit cylinders and one sphere.
Polar plot of a*cos(6*theta).
3D plot of three unit planes and one sphere
Polar plot of  12+sin(7*theta).