Ronald Kolenda, born on 7/17/1969, is a habitual woman abuser and a criminal pictured in Hamilton County Jail, on FL 7/30/2019..

(Ronald Kolenda, Hamilton County Jail, Florida, 7/30/2019.)

Ronald Kolenda, born 7/17/1969 (50 years old), is a habitual woman abuser and a sociopath.

Over that last 26 years Ronald Kolenda has built up quite a long criminal record.

Domestic Violence Charges

He has been charged with domestic violence (misdemeanors) at least two times in two different states (Grand Rapids, MI and Seattle, WA). He was been charged with at least one Aggravated Domestic Battery in Clearwater, Fl. And, he was been charged with at least one Domestic Assault with a Deadly Weapon in Denver, CO.

Grand Rapids, MI - Kent County

On 4/6/2014 Ronald Kolenda was charged with domestic violence (at this time this was his fourth arrest and charge for domestic violence related crimes). One of them he was convicted of (felony) and spent 60 days in jail. In the other two charges he fled the state in order to avoid prosecution (you don't run if you not guilty).

On or about 5/9/2014 Ronald Kolenda manipulated the victim using lies and deception into agreeing to relief by MCL 769.4a by stating to or allowing the victim to believe that this was his first time.

MCL 769.4a states (in part):
"(1) When an individual who has not been convicted previously of an assaultive crime pleads guilty to, or is found guilty of, a violation of section 81 or 81a of the Michigan penal code, 1931 PA 328, MCL 750.81 and 750.81a . . . . . "

In above situation the accused admits they were guilty then prosecution allows the accused to provide proof that they took anger management classes and then the prosecution drops the charges (in this situation the prosecution believed it was his "first time").

The prosecution (for People of the State of Michigan) would not have offered Ronald Kolenda the above option if they would have checked on his record in previous states, or if the sociopath, Ronald Kolenda, would have been honest with his girlfriend and the prosecutor.

However, this is important to keep in mind, just because the prosecution did not pursue charges does not mean Ronald Kolenda was not guilty of the crime. For, if he was not guilty he would have pled not guilty, but he did not. All it really means is that because the prosecutor believed his deception they agreed to let him off easy. This was a travesty of justice and should have never happened.

So, the sociopath and habitual woman abuser, Ronald Kolenda, by deception and manipulation, once again was able to beat a woman and escape real justice.

He was arrested on 1/23/2015 in Grand Rapids, MI for assault and arrested again for assault on 5/27/2015.

Denver, CO - Denver County

Ronald Kolenda was charged at least once with Felony Domestic Assault with a Deadly Weapon in Denver, CO on 12/29/2002.

The Colorado Bureau of Investgation reports that on 2/14/2003 he was found guilty (convicted) of the lesser crime of Domestic Assault Third Degree (knowingly or recklessly caused bodily injury to another person)

On 4/24/2003 the Colorado Bureau of Investgation reports Ronald Kolenda was arrested for "failure to appear"(for the charge mentioned above on 2/14/2003), found guilty (Felony), and sentenced to 60 days in jail.

Seattle, WA- King County

Ronald Kolenda was charged Domestic Violence in Seattle, WA on 2/10/1999.

To avoid prosecution for Domestic Violence Ronald Kolenda left the state of Washington on or about 2/24/1999.

The statue of limitations in Washington for Domestic Violence is only one year. So, Ronald Kolenda was able to cause harm to a woman and escape real justice.

Riverside, CA - Riverside County

The warrant of arrest document from Pinellas County, FL states that on 4/15/1994 Ronald Kolenda was arrested and jailed in Riverside, CA. But, Riverside, CA would not extradite him.

I knew that was one of the locations that Ronald Kolenda was alleged to have lived. But, as of now, I do not know what the charge is  (I got a bit of a suspicion it might be another domestic violence or assault charge).

Clearwater, FL - Pinellas County

Ronald Kolenda was charged at least once with Aggravated Domestic Battery (felony), Grand Theft (felony), Burglary (felony), et alia, in Clearwater, FL.

To avoid prosecution for felony Aggravated Domestic Battery Ronald Kolenda left the state of Florida on or about 10/29/1993.

In Florida, the crime of Aggravated Domestic Battery is a Second Degree Felony and punishable by up to fifteen (15) years in prison, fifteen (15) years of probation, and a $10,000 fine.

The statue of limitations in Florida for Aggravated Battery is only three years. So, Ronald Kolenda was able to severely beat a woman and escape real justice.

WARNING, and take heed, this does not mean there are no other charges against him, nor that he has he not commited many other crimes he was not caught for. These are just the charges I was able to find myself.


Does any sort of pattern emerge from the evidence that was presented here?

Would you say, after seeing the evidence, that perhaps Ronald Kolenda is a habitual woman abuser and a criminal sociopath?

Ron's Go Fund Me Page

I have heard that there is some sort of Go Fund Me fundraiser to help pay for Ronald Kolenda's court fines or costs, either on Facebook or someplace else.

If he does have some sort of Go Fund Me and you contributed to this then you have helped a disgusting person and I would ask for your money back, as you were deceived by him.

If he does have some sort of Go Fund Me and you were considering contributing to it, don’t!

UPDATE: Since writing the above, I found his Go Fund Me page. The "story" told on it mentions nothing about his violent activities since he absconded probation in Florida. However, it is a laughable read, if you are into charity fraud and lies of omission (click).

Trial in Pinellas County, FL

Ronald Kolenda is set for Violation of Probation trial at 8:30AM 11/1/2019 in Clearwater, FL.

On 10/30/2019, in order to protect society, and in particular women, all of the information I have gathered about Ronald Kolenda's crimes since fleeing Florida 25 years ago has been sent to the State Attorney’s Office of the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida.

So that, my findings can be considered by the prosecution before the trial and in sentencing him after he is found guilty (it is pretty clear cut, either he fled Florida while still on probation, or he did not).

UPDATE: It looks like the trial took place, but there is another trial set for 8:30AM 12/6/2019 in Clearwater, FL. I am not sure what happened, but two different sources told me that due to my documents being sent to the State Attorney's Office that he is facing 18 months in prision instead of 9 months. YAY!!!

Ronald Kolenda needs to be punished for his many crimes.

Ronald Kolenda needs to be put in prison for as much time as allowed by law.

Other than in this section, what is presented here is absolute truth beyond any doubt.

Below, you can read my documents and check for yourself.

Ronald Kolenda, born on 7/17/1969, is a habitual woman abuser and a criminal pictured in Pinellas County Jail, FL on 8/3/2019.

(Ronald Kolenda, Pinellas County Jail, Florida, 8/3/2019.)

Proof Documents (PDF format):

Moved to Pinellas County Jail 8/2/2019 for Felony Violation of Probation - Clearwater, FL

Arrested 7/30/2019 for Felony Violation of Probation - Hamilton County, FL

Two Arrests for Assault - Kent County, Grand Rapids, MI - 1/23/2015 and 5/27/2015 (see page two)

Domestic Violence (misdemeanor) - Kent County, Grand Rapids, MI - 4/6/2014

Arrest Felony Failure to Appear - Denver County, Denver, CO - 4/24/2003

Domestic Assault with a Deadly Weapon (felony) - Denver County, Denver, CO - 12/29/2002

Note: In Colorado you commit assault in the second degree if you intend to and do cause serious bodily injury to another person (it is domestic, so in this case, the person he did cause serious injury to was his girlfriend);

Domestic Violence (misdemeanor) - King County, Seattle, WA - 2/10/1999

Worthless Check (misdemeanor) - Pinellas County, Clearwater, FL - 7/5/1995

Unknown Charge - Arrested in Riverside, CA, - 4/15/1994 (see pages two and three)

Domestic Aggravated Battery (felony) - Pinellas County, Clearwater, FL - 10/15/1993

Note: in Florida Aggravated battery requires the same unwanted touching or striking of another person as simple battery. However, aggravated battery is considered more serious because of characteristics of the commission of the crime or of the victim. Aggravated battery occurs when the defendant uses a deadly weapon, intentionally or knowingly causes great bodily harm, permanent disfigurement or permanent disability to the victim or batters a person whom the defendants knows or should know is pregnant.

Burglary (felony) - Pinellas County, Clearwater, FL - 4/23/1992

Grand Theft (felony) - Pinellas County, Clearwater, FL - 4/23/1992

List of All Charges in Pinellas County from 11/19/1987 - Present

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