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"I had built a custom gaming computer back in December of 2008 and this past June (of 2009) it had started acting up and getting the BSOD until it got to the point where it wouldn’t even start. I had exhausted all of my personal knowledge, as well as many internet resources trying to diagnose and repair the issue. I had even returned my motherboard for a new one in hopes of fixing the problem, which it didn’t. Finally I decided to have Compudoc take a shot at fixing it, and in just one week I had my computer back working as good as when I first booted it, if not better. Excellent service. Thanks, Jacob!"

- Sebatsien Jaegar (6/2014)

This letter is in regards to services done for us by Jacob Palasek (CompuDocGR).  We found Jacob’s services to be of the most excellent quality that I have ever received regarding computer repairs as well as computer programming knowledge and the programs ability to suit our needs.  I had to opportunity to watch him completely dismantle an all in one wonder computer by Gateway.  His steady focus and knowledge was impressive.  I really did not believe it possible to put back all those parts with wires everywhere, but he did and the computer worked better than ever.  That computer was over 7 years old and his knowledge reaches to the past computer dinosaurs and forward to the amazing technology we have today. He helped me also with my new quad processor laptop computer to get rid of all that useless stuff that is on a new computer and set me up running to make the best even better.  So no matter what the computer problem might be, I know that Jacob can fix it.  I recommend his services to everyone I know that has a computer and my friends are glad that I did.

- Debbie Stelter (7/2014)

I have used CompuDoc several times within the last 2 years. The service has been Great and the price is always affordable. The fact that Jacob will explain issues and how to avoid future problems sets him apart from other repair technicians... I do appreciate this ! CompuDoc is highly recomended for anyone that needs fast, flexable and friendly repair service. Thank you CompuDoc.

- Eva Sturis (07/2014)

Mr. Palasek covers all areas.  From mechanical to software issues, he has tackled them all for me. I have referred him to numerous friends and family members.  I know when I bring my computer to Mr. Palasek the job will get done correctly and reasonably.

- Chad Preston (08/2014)

I have worked with Jacob / Compudocgr.com for several years designing and updating our website, www.polishfalcons.net. Compudocgr was the originator and continues to do all of our web design, updates and miscellaneous computer needs. I have found Jacob to be punctual and very knowledgeable in handling all of our computer needs here at The Polish Falcons Aid Society. Jacob also takes the time to inform me when we should change our format as well as continually updating changes to be made. In fact he saved us several hundreds of dollars when it was time to change domains as well as continues to make our website easy to find on the World Wide Web through the use of search engines. Personally, Jacob's company has worked on my own computers and laptops and fixed them in a timely manner for a reasonable cost. I can highly recommend Jacob and Compudocgr for your computer needs.

- John Theisen, VP Polish Falcons Aid Society of Grand Rapids (10/2014)

This guy is amazing with computers. I've seen him fix things I didn't think could be fixed, and he is extremely well priced! I highly recommend him to everybody. He has went out of his way to make sure to fix computer problems for me and everyone i've sent his way, both hardware and software issues!

- Rev. Dennis Rudis (11/2014)


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