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My rates are the same whether I perform the work in home or at my business. If I am asked to perform work on-site and nothing is found to be wrong or if I do nothing but diagnose the problem I will charge $25.00 for for my time. I also charge a $10 travel fee.

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General Computer Repair and Upgrade Prices

(Effective as of: 01/04/2014):


General Diagnosis (Find out what the issues are with the equipment and advise you on your options to proceed from there) $25.00
Clean Inside a Desktop Computer Case (If the computer is overheating, crashing, or presenting other sorts of strange behavior then the fan could be blocked by dust. If a computer overheats then severe damage could result. This damage is often  accompanied with the loss of data) $35.00
Clean Inside a Laptop Computer Case (If the computer is overheating, crashing, or presenting other sorts of strange behavior then the fan could be blocked by dust. If a computer overheats then severe damage could result. This damage is often  accompanied with the loss of data) $45.00
Complete Computer Operation System Wipe and Reinstall (Includes the installation of the operating system, the backup of files, the installation of updates, and any software titles that were previously installed on the computer) Note: some older software may not be available to reinstall unless you have copies of the original install media. $120.00*
Data Backup (The initial price is $30.00 for 1 gigabyte of data, thereafter the rate is $5.00 per gigabyte of data. If you would like this data copied to DVDs, instead of, or in addition to, a portable hard drive that you provide then add $5.00 per DVD needed.) $55.00
Data Destruction on a Hard Drive (This is order to ensure that when getting rid of a computer that no one will be able to recover data on the hard drive. Even if the data was erased it can still be recovered unless the hard drive is completely wiped.) $40.00
Data Recovery Failing Hard Drive (The 70.00 includes 1 gigabyte of data, there after the rate is 20.00 per gigabyte of data recovered. If it is determined that I cannot recover any data then I will charge $20.00 for my time. If you are in need this service make sure to download this document. Click here.) $70.00
General Computer Cleanup and Tune-up (This includes the installation of all current Windows updates, the removal of unneeded files, the removal of unneeded software, the removal of unnecessary startup programs, the removal of unnecessary devices, and the optimization of the Windows registry.) $75.00
Hard Drive Installation – Additional Storage (This is for the installation of a secondary hard drive into a computer for additional storage space.) $35.00
Hard Drive Installation - New (This is a new hard drive installation with the copying of the operating system from the old hard drive to the new hard drive from the old hard drive. With copying OS from old to new hard drive.) $65.00
Hardware Card Install (This is for the installation of: video, sound, network s, modems, networking , wireless cards, TV cards, etc. per item into a computer plus configuring the device to work with your operating system.) $30.00
Internet Setup (This is for the setup or Internet service on your home or business on one computer. You must have first ordered and activated the service, DSL, Cable, or Dial-up. The actual Internet service must have been activated by an Internet service provider before the work will be performed.) $45.00
Laptop Power Jack Repair (This is for the labor to replace the parts not the part themselves. Please call for free estimate) $50.00
Laptop Motherboard Replacement (This is for the labor to replace the motherboard it does not include the cost of the motherboard itself. Please call for free estimate) $65.00
Networking - Both Wired and Wireless (Please call for free estimate. Parts are not included.) $65.00
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New Computer Setup & Cleanup (This includes the in-home setup of the new computer system, the removal of junk free-offer software, the installation of one printer, the removal of unnecessary startup programs, the installation of any Windows updates needed, the installation of any anti-virus updates, the installation of the latest device drivers, and the installation of any other software updates that may be needed.) $110.00
Printer Installation (The rate is per printer installed. This also includes the removal of the software used for any previous printer that was installed) $35.00
Restore Missing Operation System Files (The shows errors similar to, “missing such and such file…") $35.00
Software Installation or Upgrades (This is per software installed or upgraded.) $20.00
Transferal of Files, Music, Pictures, Videos, and Settings to Another Computer (This is useful when one needs help with moving their files and setting to a new or another computer) * This is for up to 5 gigabytes of data any amount thereafter will be charged at a rate of $10 per gigabyte. $50.00
Update of Computer Software- Complete (This includes the updating of the operating system, anti-virus software, other software titles, drivers, etc.) $40.00
Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal (This includes the installation of anti-virus and anti-malware software. Price depends on how bad the computer is and the time it takes for removal. Before you call see this article. Click Here) $70.00 to
* You must purchase the operating system if you do not have a license or are installing an operation system different that the original one that came installed on the computer. If you own the OS and seek to reinstall it then you do not need to purchase the operation system again.

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