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$90.00 for a New Desktop or Flip Top In-Home Computer Setup Special! (Not for Macs)

Get your new computer working and setup properly from the start!


What's Included:

  • In home computer setup (removal from box, connect cords, etc.)
  • Remove junk software (ads, trials, free offers, etc.)
  • Removal of any other unneeded software
  • Removal of unnecessary startup programs
  • Installation of up to one printer
  • Installation of anti-virus software
  • Installation of all Windows security and critical updates
  • Installation of any other software updates they may be needed
  • Installation of the latest device drivers
  • Optimization of the Windows registry.
  • Add the new computer to your network (if a network exists)
  • Transfer of files, pictures, etc. from the old computer to the new computer *

* This is for up to 5 gigabytes of data any amount thereafter will be charged at $15 per gigabyte.


Call or email me to setup an appointment today!
mail@compudocgr.com - 616.334.4513


(In-Home location must be in the Grand Rapids area.)


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